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Natural biological care

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  • Activates biological water purification
  • With concentrated marine bacterial cultures
  • Contains important trace elements

Aquamarine BioStabil contains natural microorganisms from the aquarium Marine habitat. In their concentrated, freeze-dried form these bacterial cultures support biological self-purification processes In saltwater aquariums.

Aquamarine BioStabil reduces harmful nitrogen compounds such as Ammonium in water, promotes the degradation of organic impurities caused by fish excrements and feed residues.

The adjusted biological equilibrium leads visibly to healthy colourful growth of corals, invertebrates and fish.

Application and Dosage Recommendation

Apply downstream into the technique / filter basin (the protein skimmer). Can lead to possible short term cloudiness, which does not harm the aquarium inhabitants.

When starting a new aquarium: 1 spoon (approx. 10g) for 100 litres of saltwater.

As ongoing maintenance: Every week ½ spoon (approx. 5 g) for 100 litres of saltwater.

Waiting time: Preparations for algae control or medical treatment products can have a germicidal effect and can interfere with the effects of aquamarin BioStabil. Therefore aquamarine BioStabil should be introduced at the earliest one week after administration of algaecides or medications.

100 g 1.000 Litres 17876
250 g 2.500 Litres 17877
500 g 5.000 Litres 19761

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