Algosol for Ponds

Highly effective against all algae

AlgoSol - Highly effective against all algae
  • Ideal against floating algae (green water) and blue algae
  • Reduces new algae growth
  • With optical filter SpektroSorp
  • For clear water

Long-term prevention of mass algae growth is an important requirement when it comes to maintaining a biological balance in an aquatic environment. Algosol is effective against all types of algae and reliably prevents mass algae growth.

Algosol can take several days to work. This helps to maintain the biological balance in your pond. If used regularly, it actively prevents new algae growth. The SpektroSorp optical filter reduces the amount of light available to the algae and thus their photosynthesis activity. The algae gradually "starve to death".

Algosol is free from humic acid and does not affect the performance of your filter.

Application and Dosage Recommendation

Application: For optimum results, use in the morning. Dilute the required amount with at least 20 times the quantity of pond water (e.g. in a watering can) and pour it into the pond, dispersing it evenly. Avoid contact between the undiluted product and water plants. If the product is used correctly, there are no known adverse effects on fish, plants and amphibians. Fish can remain in the pond during the treatment. For best results, adjust the pH value of the water to the optimum range using PondEssential.

50 ml Algosol for auf 1.000 Litres of pond water. After 2 to 3 Weeks repeat the dosage in order to increase the effectiveness and provide lond lasting results.

In cases of Blue Algae: 10 ml Algosol per ;1.000 Liter Teichwasser for 5 consecutive days,

In the cases of an extreme overdoage Algosol can lead to damage to plants and fish in the pond, in which case we would recommend applying PondEssentials to neutralise the active ingredients ;of Algosol.

250 ml 5.000 Litres 18908
500 ml 10.000 Litres 18910
1 l 20.000 Litres 19397

Use biocidal products cautiously. Always read the label and product information before use.

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