P-Lock AlgaeStop

The world`s most effective algae prevention

P Lock AlgaeStop 500g en
  • Effective protection against plagues of algae
  • With 6-week sustained action
  • Binds phosphate insolubly

Phosphate is the main nutrient for algae. P-Lock AlgaeStop is the most powerful phosphate binder in the world. It reduces the phosphate content to below 0.035 mg/l - the minimum amount required for algae - and thus helps to prevent mass algae growth.

P-Lock AlgaeStop prevents nutrients dissolving back from the pond sludge by binding the phosphate in a water-insoluble mineral.

P-Lock AlgaeStop has a formulation based on minerals and is harmless to animals and plants if used correctly. If algal bloom is already visible, AlgoSol or BlanketweedRemover should be used additionally.

When algae is already visably present AlgoSol or BlanketweedRemover should also be applied.

Application and Dosage Recommendation

Application: Use after each algae treatment. To prevent algae permanently, apply further treatments every six weeks all year round. Scatter across the pond. Do not dissolve or mix the product beforehand!

If the pH value of the water is above 8.8, treat it with PondEssential beforehand. Filter systems can remain in operation when applying the product.

50 g P-Lock AlgaenStop for 1.000 Litres of pond water. 

When Phosphate content is higher than  1,0 mg/L then apply 75g for each 1.000 Litres of pond water.

In cases of extremely high Phosphate consentration, we recommend the use of Turbo PhosphatBinder.

100 g 2.000 Litres 19399
250 g 5.000 Litres 18918
500 g 10.000 Litres 18920
1 kg 20.000 Litres 19401



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