Get rid of thread algae

BlanketweedRemover - Get rid of thread algae
  • With active oxygen for immediate results
  • Special bacteria break down dead algae
  • Safe to use

BlanketweedRemover kills even the most stubborn blanket weed algae within 24 hours by immediately releasing active oxygen. The dead algae can be scooped out shortly after the application.

The special bacteria contained in the product speed up the breakdown of any remaining algae residues.

BlanketweedRemover is colourless and highly effective. The active ingredient is broken down into water and oxygen after just a few hours.

Application and Dosage Recommendation

Scatter the product in the morning, targeting the blanket weed algae. Avoid contact with water plants. Avoid strong water movements when applying the product. Switch off the filter and pump if necessary. The product can be applied several times in one season. However, a waiting time of 3 days is recommended before reapplying it. Please check the water values before and during the treatment phase (e.g. with a pH test or a KH test from Söll). Only use the product if the pH value is below 8.5 and the carbonate hardness (KH) is above 5 °dH (0.890 mmol/l HCO3-). In order to stabilize these values, we recommend PondEssential. If the product is used correctly, there are no known adverse effects on fish, plants and amphibians. Fish can remain in the pond during the treatment.

30-50 g BlanketweedRemover for 1.000 Litres of pond water

Following application the use of Phosphate removing products such as P-Lock AlgaeStop or Turbo PhosphatBinder is recommended.

Should in addition to blanket weed your pond be effectived by Green or Blue Algae, then use AlgoSol.

250 g 8.000 Litres 18912
500 g 16.000 Litres 18914
1 kg 32.000 Litres 18916

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

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