Aquaristics made easy

Keeping fish in an aquarium is not a modern-day invention. Aquaristics has a long-standing tradition. It has been a long journey from outdated goldfish bowls to modern community tanks or trendy nano tanks. Today, a variety of colourful exotic fish, crabs, shrimps and corals adorns our living rooms.

An aquarium serves a number of different purposes: A well-looked-after tank adds a decorative element to the room and offers insights into an otherwise hidden world; namely, lively underwater diversity. These small-scale biotopes enrich our daily lives.

Particularly for children, aquaristics is an interesting, diversified and educational hobby. It is a much easier hobby than most of us think! Following a few simple basic rules prevents this hobby from becoming a full-time occupation. 

Be it either a freshwater or a saltwater tank - you will find a large selection of care products at Söll for every aquaristic challenge.

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