For brightly coloured leafs

  • Strengthens all pond plants
  • Supports effective plant growth
  • For fuller leaves and bright coloured flowers
  • Prevents pest infestations



WaterPlantBooster contains a nutrient complex, which is a composition tailored to the optimum needs of aquatic plants. Pond plants receive vital macronutrients and trace elements in a directly absorbable form.

WaterPlantBooster contains iron, which aquatic plants need for many important functions, thus supporting optimum growth.

As WaterPlantBooster is free of phosphates, this ensures no chance of over-fertilisation and therefore no promotion of Algae growth.

Application and Dosage Recommendation

Starting at the beginning of the pond season, apply every 4 to 6 weeks directly in close proximity to water plants.

100 ml WaterPlantBooster for 1.000 Litres of pond water.

250 ml 2.500 Litres 19659
500 ml 5.000 Litres 19661

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