The basic care product for your pond

TeichFit - Das Grundpflegemittel für den Gartenteich
  • With PondEsstential your fish live longer*
  • Creates optimal water values (Carbon Hardness, Total Hardness, pH Value)
  • Neutralises Heavy Metals and Ammonia

Within a few minutes it optimises and stabilises key water properties such as carbonate hardness and the pH value.

PondEssentialadds vital calcium and carbon dioxide to the water. Through buffering the biotope a stable pH range of between 7.5 and 8.5 is achieved. PondEssential thus creates optimum living conditions for flora and fauna in the water and increases the biological self-purifying power.

PondEssential also supports the growth and  reproduction of microorganisms that feed on algae. Optimum conditions are created for purifying microorganisms through the increase in carbonate hardness (KH).

PondEssential only contains ingredients which naturally occur in water. Therefore PondEssential is solved in water completely harmless for humans and animals.

PondEssential also reduced corrosion of pump and pipes.


Application and Dosage Recommendations:

At least 3 times a year from the beginning of the pond season or as ongoing maintenance. Additional treatments are also possible in the event of algal bloom (cloudy green water), if the KH falls below 5 dH or after significant water ingress (e.g. owing to rain, melting snow etc.). Filter systems can remain in operation when applying the product.

100 g PondEssential for 1.000 Litres of pond water. PondEssential cannot be over-dosed.


250 g 2.500 Litres 18894
500 g 5.000 Litres 18896
1 kg 10.000 Litres 18898

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