Biological water purification

AquaClear 250g
  • Biological water purification
  • For clear and healthy water
  • Concentrated micro-organisms
  • Breaks down mulm, fish and food waste

AquaClear is a concentrated and freeze-dried mixture of natural clear water bacteria. Aqua Clear is ideally suited for the biological self-cleaning and care of aquarium water. Organic water is regenerated, harmful nitrogen compounds and phosphates are effectively reduced. Thus algae growth is of course pre-determined.

Aqua Clear also removes mulm and prevents the formation of fungal toxins.

Application and Dosage Recommedation

Depending on the degree of load, use 14-day or monthly. Mix the metered dosage with warm aquarium water and mix until it is lump-free. Then pour into the aquarium. After use of medicines or algae, wait a week as these preparations are germicidal and can reduce the effect of >Aqua Clear.

For new equipment, add 10 g of Aqua Clear to 100 litres of water (approx. 26 ° C). After one week, fish can be stocked.

For ongoing maintence and care: 5 g Aqua Clear per 100 litres of water.

100 g 1.000 Liter 20089
250 g 2.500 Liter 20087

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