Purely Biological

FilterstarterBacteria 500g en
  • Rapid filter effect - guaranteed!
  • Increases filter life
  • Breaks down waste products


FilterstarterBacteria contains specially cultured, highly pure micro-organisms. They immediately activate the natural biological cleaning powers in the filter and help to ensure that harmful substances are broken down quickly. This eliminates stress factors for pond fish, making them more resistant and vigorous.

FilterstarterBacteria help to break down plant residues in the pond and significantly increase filter life.
For use when filter systems are set up and used for the first time, after cleaning filter systems and treating fish with medicines.

Application and Dosage Recommendation

Moisten the filter material, scatter FilterstarterBacteria onto the filter material and leave to work for 2 hours with the pump switched off. Temporary water clouding may occur 2 to 3 days after application


100 g 15.000 Litres 18900
250 g 37.500 Litres 19408
500 g 75.000 Litres 19440

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