Fertilising system

Aquatic plants offer shelter and protection to aquarium inhabitants as well as a wealth of places for retreat and hiding. In addition, they produce oxygen and help to naturally reduce nitrate and phosphate which support the growth of algae. This is why it is so important to provide aquatic plants with all essential nutritional elements in sufficient quantities without creating peak concentrations of individual substances, which could damage the biotope.

Actually, there is a law from which an important fundamental rule for fertilisation in aquariums can be derived. In the 19th century, the German Chemist Justus von Liebig popularised the "Law of the Minimum". According to this law, the growth of plants is always limited by the scarcest resource which is referred to as the so-called minimum factor. If such a deficiency factor exists, adding more of a substance which is already in sufficient supply does not further influence the growth. An oversupply of one element cannot compensate for the lack of another.

Due to combined and staggered application, the 1-2-3-Fertilising system by Söll supplies aquatic plants with all the nutrients which are essential for healthy growth. Results are achieved quickly and are visible in the form of lush green plants and strong, healthy growth.

By the way, all Söll-Systemdünger (system fertilisers) are free from phosphates and, therefore, only feed plants, not algae.

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