Dr. Roth's ClearPond

For naturally clear water

Dr Roths ClearPond
  • Cleans water naturally
  • Ensures a biological balance
  • Prevents biogas and other toxic gases in your pond
Helps nature through natural, microbiological cleaning and maintenance of the water!
Activates the biological breakdown of fallen leaves, dead plants, fish excrement, feed residues and other organic residues. Additional benefit: Helps to reduce algae growth in the pond.
Dr. Roth's ClearPond increases the variety of micro-organisms in a pond, thus optimizing biological cleaning.

Application and dosage recommendation

Application: Mix the required amount in a container filled with pond water until there are no lumps. Apply the mixture evenly over the pond. Only apply at a water temperature of 8 °C or above. Switch off UV lights during application and for 48 hours thereafter. 

Please note! Adding this organic product always reduces oxygen levels - this is a natural effect. You should therefore monitor the oxygen content of the water, particularly at temperatures above 22 °C.


250 g 5.000 Liter 18902
500 g 10.000 Liter 18904
1kg 20.000 Liter 18906

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