Microbiological Products

A lot of "waste" is produced in an aquarium. Uneaten fish food particles, fish excrements and dead plant matter contaminate the water and must be broken down to avoid threatening the health of aquarium dwellers. This important degradation job is carried out by bacteria which exist in a number of different species; every one of them with a specific form of specialisation.

Things run smoothly with bacteria

If all necessary microorganisms exist in the aquarium in sufficient supply and in the right balance, the so-called nitrogen cycle functions without disruption. Ammonia, which is poisonous to fish, can be transformed into nitrite by the bacteria species nitrosomonas; and nitrite can be transformed further to the next degradation stage which is nitrate.Aquatic plants live on nitrate, as does a group of bacteria which is called "paracoccus denitrificans". They convert nitrate into gaseous, harmless nitrogen.

Complex situations always occur when you first set up your aquarium, carry out big-scale water changes or transfer fish. This is when peak concentrations of individual nitrogen compounds can easily occur.

To prevent this phenomenon, there are microbiological products by Söll containing highly concentrated bacterial strains which are bred in our in-house laboratory. To allow the individual circumstances and personal preferences of the aquarist to be met, the products include the required nitrogen degrading microorganisms either alive, in liquid form, in compressed tablets or in a spreadable powder.

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