aquamarine StrontiumPlus

For daliy use

aquamarine StrontiumPlus
  • Bioavailable strontium
  • For a solid skeleton construction
  • Particularly important for rock corals

Strontium occurs in the sea at a concentration of approx. 8 mg / L and is particularly consumed in coral reefs. Rock corals in particular, build strontium into the crystal lattice of the aragonite structure of their skeleton. Strontium also supports important metabolic processes and can not be replaced by calcium.

Regular administration of aquamarine StrontiumPlus promotes the growth and well-being of coral reefers and counteracts the structure-destroying calcification.

Application and Dosage Recommendation

Add the desired amount of aquamarine StrontiumPlus to the technical area.

2 drops of aquamarine StrontiumPlus daily increase the strontium content in 100 liters of sea water by approx. 26 μg / L.

50 ml 19632

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