aquamarine CalciumPlus

The added benefits of Calcium ions

aquamarine CalciumPlus en
  • Bioavailable calcium
  • For fast supply
  • Promotes coral growth
  • Without phosphate

Calcium is constantly consumed in saltwater aquariums. It plays an important role at the Reef and Skeletal structure development, movement generation, enzyme activation and many other biological processes. The calcium concentration should be between 380 and 440 mg / l.

A content of 420 mg calcium per litre is recommended. Aquamarine CalciumPlus is used for the accurate post-dosing of calcium ions. It is immediately bioavailable and promotes the growth and well-being of all aquarium inhabitants.

250 ml contain 38,500 mg and 500 ml 77,000 mg bioavailable calcium.

Application and Dosage Recommedation

Apply the appropriate quantity Aquamarine CalciumPlus at the inlet of the Technology area of the tank.
Each dispenser dose increases the calcium content in 100L of aquarium water by approx. 3 mg / l.

250 ml 19634
500 ml 19636
2,5 l 19777

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