Marine Aquaristics

To meet the highest standards

Do you want to submerge yourself into the fascinating underwater world of the oceans? What sounds like a pipe dream can come true with a saltwater aquarium. Colourful coral reefs, luminous anemones and exotic fish catch the eye of the beholder.

Thereby, every salt-water aquarium is different: Sometimes, corals take centre stage, sometimes invertebrates or fish. In contrast, mixed reef aquariums display the colourful variety of the marine underwater world. Even very small "mini oceans" can be created in appropriate nano aquariums, which are perfect for keeping shrimps, crabs, tube worms and snails.

Whoever wishes to enjoy a maritime atmosphere in the living room needs the right technology and equipment as well as care products for the "ocean in miniature". In contrast to the environment in the giant oceans, the living conditions for the inhabitants of a comparatively small aquarium need to be adjusted by the aquarium keeper.

By combining high-quality ingredients and scientifically-based formulas, Söll has developed „aquamarin“- a first-class product range for the maintenance of saltwater aquariums. The products ensure perfect conditions for marine aquarium inhabitants, provide for water which is appropriate for the species, and optimise nutrient control in the saltwater tank.

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