Never again cold, wet hands at the garden pond

Neopren Teichhandschuhe - Nie mehr nass-kalte Hände am Gartenteich
  • 2mm thick, fully elastic neoprene
  • High wearing comfort
  • High comfort and grip thanks to specially coated palm
  • Fully elasticated

Neoprene pond gloves make pond owners work around and especially in the water during the colder months much more comfortable. The full-length gloves are made of two millimeter thick neoprene and keep the hands from getting cold. Especially in the spring and autumn, when the pond has to be preparated for season start or end, and a lot of work needs to be undertaken, they provide valuable services. Thanks to the excellent insulating material properties, the hands are well protected when in the colder season filter technology, decorative elements or water plants are removed for the winter and have to be reintroduced again in the spring.

The Neoprene pond gloves are available in five different sizes and are therefore ideal for every hand. The freedom of movement of the fingers does not restrict the gloves, which ensures a good grip and high wearing comfort. Thanks to their fresh colors, Neoprene pond gloves are a real eye-catcher.

S 17318
M 17319
L 17320
XL 17504
XXL 17505

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