Useful helpers for taking care of the pond

For the effective cleaning and care of your garden pond we offer you a number of useful helpers. In our range of accessories, for example, you will find a large selection of Pond Nets, with which you can free your biotope from impurities. Depending on the application and personal preference, the pond net is available in various shapes and sizes. They are an indispensable tool for every pond owner.

With our Pond Covers arm your pond for the cold season. You can prevent the incidence of foliage and branches as well as neighbor's cat getting too close to your pond inhabitants. Even herons and other hunters will be kept you away from your fish.

For the protection of your hands during all work around the pond there is the Neoprene Pond Gloves.. This way, your fingers will not become clammy even when wet, and you can easily carry out your pond dressing routines.


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