A garden pond without any fish is a fairly rare occurrence. Or in other words: Hardly any pond remains empty of fish for a long time. The enjoyment provided by the hobby garden pond increases with the arrival of goldfish, koi and other fish. When they peacefully swim through the water or come to the surface for feeding, it is a rewarding experience for many nature lovers.

During the course of a garden year, the number of pond dwellers often increases unnoticed. The consequences are that there are more animals having to share the habitat which can cause stress and disease. An increasing number of fish can also lead to deterioration in the water quality. Due to an increase in fish excrements, the water suffers more and more from nitrogen pollution.

Thus, keeping pond fish healthy is an important aspect of pond maintenance. In order to provide fish with an ideal living environment, mineral premixes should be applied regularly. FishMineral and FishFit for example, provide the water with calcium and potassium and ensure a stable pH value. If and when required, fish can resorb minerals from the water. These have a detoxifying and stimulating effect on the organism and support cell growth and the metabolism.

In combination with stable water values and high-quality food, these care products support your pond dwellers in regaining their strength quickly after periods of cold weather.





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